Sunday, December 25, 2011

Smart software makes the difference

How smart should software be? I think it should be smart enough to fix our mistakes, but not smart enough to be intrusive. Let's compare Gmail and Hotmail. Let me start by saying I don't use Hotmail anymore. The reason is that it wouldn't let me send emails because it "detected" that the emails I was sending contained spam (I promise they didn't). This was a really frustrating experience, and very quickly Hotmail became useless to me.

With Gmail it's a completely different experience (excluding the UI changes to the interface... I'll leave that rant for another time). First of all, at least it let's me send emails. Now, when I was getting ready to send an email in which I wrote "I'm attaching", I got this message:

This is a good example of software that is smart, yet not smart enough to be intrusive. Kudos to Google.

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